Chris Trulove and Landry Jones Take the Blind Tape Test

Hansen Image from (Nate Billings), Thomas Image from Dallas Morning News, Cornwell Image from

The Blind Tape Test (like the blind taste test that was popular in the 80s with Coke and Pepsi) is where we give a former player or scout film to watch on certain high school recruits that Oklahoma may be interested in and we ask them to give us an evaluation of those players. We do not give the evaluator any information about the players in terms of their offers or recruiting background or anything of the sort. In fact we don’t even tell them what state they are from or what school they play for. They know little more than the size of the player. It’s all about the tape and what they see. We don’t offer our thoughts on the player prior to them viewing the tape. Our goal with these are to continue giving our readers the opinion of football guys on football players.

In our fourth edition of the Blind Tape test we asked Chris Trulove, former NFL scout and coordinator of pro scouting for the Denver Broncos and former Oklahoma QB, Landry Jones, to take a look at the following quarterbacks and rate them based on our scale: Justice Hansen, David Cornwell and Cody Thomas. Unfortunately we didn’t get a detailed breakdown from Landry but he was kind enough to watch the film and rate each of the QBs. Below is Chris Trulove’s analysis and ratings followed by Landy Jones’ ratings:

David Cornwell – QB with excellent size and body build. He’s a good athlete and will be very durable. Experienced in the shotgun and the spread offense. Stands tall in the pocket. Holds the ball up above the numbers ready to throw quickly. Can flick it without much wasted body motion – no wind up needed. Gets the ball out quickly under the heavy rush. Sees the field well under pressure. Is not at all a speed demon on the run but has good agility in the pocket. He can escape to buy a second chance and he does have strength to break tackles. He does a good job of keeping his eyes downfield even on the move. From the pocket he has the arm to make all the throws with ease. He can zip the ball in tight spots and he has the feel to take pace off and drop in short passes. He puts very good air under his deep balls and it looks easy for him. He’ll make an occasional high pass or use a little too much steam on short crossing routes. Overall, he has all the tools to be a excellent passer as a collegiate and beyond. Not a read option dual threat but there is no reason that in the right situation this guy will not have excellent passing production. 4.0

Cody Thomas – Lean QB with good height and room to add bulk. Holds the ball low in the pocket but he secures it well and he still has quick snap release. He has quick hands to ready the ball to throw, makes quick reads, and gets the ball out quickly. Defenders have little time to react. He is light on his feet in the pocket and slides around well while still ready to throw. He will step up in the pocket with his eyes downfield and he does have good pocket feel for pressure. Once out of the pocket he is fluid on the move and does have good speed to make sizable plays. He can throw on the move with good agility and accuracy. He will not be a one trick pony – he can pocket pass, throw on the move, and run for yardage. His passes have nice zip and a tight spiral. He has the arm to make all the throws and his passes do not stay in the air long. He will have to hone deep accuracy as many do at this age. With focus he should be able to bulk his frame and and become a very well rounded big school QB. Focus and poise will be key, and with them, he will have a bright future. 3.8

Justice Hansen – Big, athletic dual threat QB. He is strong and agile with good (but not great) speed. More agile than fast. Run first, pass second kind of guy. Not a lot of complex passing schemes and routes to read. Had a lot of designed runs but also looks more comfortable on the move than standing in the pocket. Still needs work on the timing game at the next level and he shows tendencies to tuck it and run too early at times and to hold the ball too long at times. He has a slower release as he curls the ball behind his ear a bit. He does not throw it with a lot of zip and while he can throw far, there is not a lot of velocity on most throws. He is a tough, hard nosed player that will be able to make plays with his feet at the next level. Teammates will likely rally around his physical play. This guy has some on-field Tim Tebow like play in terms of his combination of strength and toughness with the ball in his hands while not having great passing form. Needs some time to become a reliable power conference passer but could play early as a redzone and change of pace QB. 3.3

As mentioned above Landry Jones was kind of enough to watch the film and these were the ratings he gave each QB:

Cody Thomas – Good combination of athleticism and arm talent. Sits in the pocket well. 3.8

David Cornwell – Big guy that moves well for this size. He has the big arm but also throws well on the move. 3.5

Justice Hansen – Solid athlete that can create a lot with his feet. Does a good job of making decisions once a play breaks down. 3.3



  • Boomer4life

    This Is Awesome!!!!!!!!! I love this site!

  • Phil Bowen

    Does everyone agree with the analysis?

    • Zack

      I think it’s pretty fair although I think they graded Cornwell higher because of his tools such as huge arm and knocked Hansen for limited scheme but most of the film on Cornwell is from when he was at jones and Hansen did play against better competition. I will say there’s a guy who couldn’t read coverage too well and had a curling issue and happened to be one of the best college football players ever, tebow.

    • Jordan Esco

      In general, yes.

      In terms of fit, obviously Cornwell doesn’t work for what OU is looking to do on offense now. So, in that respect, from OU’s perspective I’m sure that would bump (and did, since they’re both now Sooners) Thomas & Hansen ahead of Cornwell in terms of ‘grade.’

  • Sooner Ray

    Bet the OU coaches would grade Cody and Justice higher than Cornwell. Be interesting to see if he ever plays a down at Bama.

    • Super K

      I’m sure they would as well. You have to remember though Chris is a former NFL scout so he’s looking for different things. Cornwell has the big arm that guys like Chris love. Justice fits what Oklahoma wants to do. And we have young depth at the position so they know Justice isn’t going to have play any time soon. He’ll have plenty of time to refine his mechanics.

      • Ed Cotter

        Well stated K…..Hansen will get time to develop and he is a different QB than Cornwell and to a degree Thomas, as he will definitely run at the drop of a hat.

  • Atlantasooner

    My biggest question watching Cornwell’s junior film was always level of competition. He got hurt so early at Norman North that we never really got to see him play against his real equals. Thomas on the other hand all of his film is against good Texas HS talent.

  • Steve Johns

    Interesting evaluation of Hansen. Reading that he “curls the ball behind his ear a bit” conjures up memories of Bobby Warmack. Would imagine Josh will be working on his throwing motion in the spring, if he hasn’t already.

  • bjwalker82

    I saw Trevor and Kendall both curling the ball behind their ears and I could see them doing less of that since the Spring game 2013.

  • Fear The Magic

    It looks like OU has decided to go into the future with more of a Russel Wilson type approach than a Peyton Manning one. I for one believe its the way to go as well. Mobility with a good arm. Tough combo to defense against.

    • Indy_sooner

      Agreed. Very tough combo, case in point, Knight’s touchdown to Shepard in the Bama game.

      • Shifty

        One of my fav plays of the year…the double pump on the run was a thing of beauty…3 guys closed in on Saunders thinking he was getting the ball

  • lovethemsooners

    Man, the spring game should be pretty interesting this year.

    • Jim

      AGREED. It’s a 5-hour drive for me from North Austin, but I am definitely looking forward to attending this one.

  • Leroy Jenkins

    Interesting evaluation. I know Cornwell isn’t the player OU wants for their system, but he could be really solid for Bama. Like you guys always say it’s good to see OK players do well in college, so I hope he starts from day one.

    • Jordan Esco

      I actually heard recently some speculate whether or not he’ll actually ever see the field for them. This guy even threw out something about him possibly ending up at Tennessee eventually.

      • Leroy Jenkins

        Wow…really? Can you give some insight into how someone as talented as Cornwell doesn’t know this before he signs with Bama?

        • j l

          Coker announced he was transferring in after cornwell had already committed. he kinda got screwed.

          • He didn’t have to sign. He had time to re-evaluate the situation.

          • j l

            Not really, it was too close to NSD. QB’s are one of the 1st spots to fill up on teams.

      • bmrsnr

        Did he mention a time frame?

      • Boomer4life

        Jordan, Do you know if TFB will have a presence at the spring game in April?

        • Jordan Esco

          It’s not something I’ve heard discussed, but I don’t see why not.

          • Boomer4life

            1st annual TFG Tailgate would be cool! Maybe some TFG swag to purchase. Just a thought. I’ll bring the ribs!

      • Shelby is a Patriot

        Seems like they’re trying to hand the job to Coker. Kind of like us with Blake Bell, only Coker will be new to Bama like Cornwell. Batemen will be the only one who isn’t new I think. Cornwell has just as much of a chance to win the starting job as all of the others.

        • EasTex

          Before Kyler Murray was the QB winning state championships for Allen High, there was Alec Morris who signed with Bama in 2012. Think he was a redshirt this year. Cornwell has more to worry about than Coker.

          • Shelby is a Patriot

            Ah, yeah I wasn’t sure if there was anyone else that would be competing for the job. Should be an interesting competition.

    • Sooner Ray

      Not that it makes a difference Leroy but Cornwell actually grew up in Nebraska then moved to Florida, only finished up HS in OK. Just didn’t know if you were aware of that.

  • OUknowitscomin

    Will be interesting to see who contributes and how much now that TK is the clear throne holder. If he stays 3 more years…and happens to stay healthy..might not be much left for others. Cody may move on to baseball only if that were the case, might either way.

  • madbrad

    Nice, thorough breakdown by Landry…

  • kt-raida

    Is this our open post for the day?

  • BigJoeBrown

    I admit with new QB’s coming in every year, I easily forget how talented the guy’s that are already here are. For example, a lot of the focus has been on Hanson, but no one has really seen Cody Thomas. Who sounds like an outstanding potential as a QB, who as already had time in the system.

  • Seymour Glass

    Cody Thomas. It’s only a matter of time.

    I know it. You know it. They know it. We all know it.

    • Jake Kimbrell

      I’ve had a feeling about Thomas myself! Going to stick with my theme of crazy predictions, haven’t seen much of him but I get that wow he’s got “it” feeling, will somebody give 100-1 odds he’s a future bronze statue guy..(heisman) hey I told berry trammel Jason white without question was 100x better than Nate hybl and I’m almost positive I predicted a heisman and nfl? He said I was nuts! I was more confident in that prediction since I had the privilege of playing against Jason from 7th-12th grade, he was definately the best high school qb I ever saw, and I knew how athletic smart and tough the guy was and the composure and leadership dude was calm cool and confident. Got two stories about him from high school that may interest someone. His and my junior year we played them at Tuttle we had three seniors in the secondary that year and they beat us 17-10 he also broke our tailbacks jaw on an option pitch from his free safety spot. The next year we were decent, beat the # 1 team in the state Cos you couldn’t run the ball on us but we had 3 sophomores in the secondary this time it was 42-0 Tuttle at the half via 6 Jason white td throws I’m pretty sure they didnt run it much if at all that 1st half while Jason was haveing fun with his snap count calls and laughing at us linebackers trying to get to him on a blitz all night. Hope someone enjoyed my trip down memory lane.

  • Jeff Frederick Jr.

    Hi, my name is Jeff and I am a TFB addict. I’ve been using this site for about 3 months now. My last fix was today. I guess my problem with TFB started when OU wrapped up its season with a monstrous win over Alabama and I didn’t have any more Saturdays to look forward to. I started coming by this site just to see a few things about where OU was at with its current recruiting class and the next thing I know, I’m coming back here 7 or 8 times a day. It’s just completely taken over my life. My friends and family had to sit me down for an intervention when they caught me rewatching some old games and reading the trench warfare posts that went with those games simultaneously.

    I feel good where I’m at now, though. I guess I just got caught up in the great reporting and excellent in-depth analysis on this site. I think I’m okay with it being the offseason now. I just hope to make it to next season in a one piece like every other fan. Thanks for letting me share, peeps. I feel so relieved now that I can finally admit what I am now: A TFB addict.

    • Seymour Glass

      Hello Jeff. Thanks for sharing your story. We want you to know that no matter what, this is a place where you are always accepted and listened to.

      It takes a of courage to admit you have a problem. You’ve taken the first step to recovery by not living in denial. There are many here who can identify with the story you’ve just told. There are no judgements here, be assured.

      We hope you come back often and contribute to the group. We value your contribution and your presence here.

      Is there anyone else who would like to say something?

      • M.Elliott

        yep me too. not quite ready to share just yet…. i need a little time. 😉

        • Boomer4life

          I don’t have a problem and I’m not in denial.

      • RboomerSooner

        yep me too….especially living here in SEC territory…!

    • Shelby is a Patriot

      The first thing I do every morning, night, basically every hour is check TFB for news…It’s getting out of control and I love it. -fellow TFB addict.

    • Sooner Ray

      I refuse to socialize with people who don’t have problems!

    • beavmiester

      I feel like TFB is what Facebook was in college: checking every ten minutes for updates. The writers are going to have to be careful with the frequency that they disseminate information to us. Like any addiction, we demand more and more to get that next fix.

      But seriously, I’m not addicted. I could stop anytime I wanted. But why isn’t there a new article up yet? I’ve waited at least 30 minutes and there’s no new article? WHERE’S THE NEW ARTICLE????

      • Jeff Frederick Jr.

        Yeah! What that person said!!! I promise it’ll be that last one I look at today. I just need one more. Please!!!

    • ToatsMcGoats

      Hi, Jeff.

  • sooners12thman

    My understanding is Heupel never recruited Cornwell because he didn’t fit our offense. This makes sense after seeing Blake Bell stand in the pocket over the past season. Cornwell sat out Senior season with knee injury don’t know how he really gets better grade for that. The way Knight plays we will need either Thomas, Hansen, and now I believe the walk on with success and experience Mayfield could end up 2nd on depth chart.

  • Doobie74OU

    This is a classic “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder” situation. I bet those classic Drop Back Passers (like AJ McCarron and Cornwell) lost a little luster in Bama after the Sugar Bowl game were the QB got sacked 7 times was forced into 3 turnovers. Mobility is a must against these Bigger, Stronger, Faster Defenses. Without the threat of a run by the QB the defense can pin its ears back!

  • Dave Wilkins

    You have the videos to share that Chris and Landry evaluated?

  • SoonerfanTU

    I worry about Thomas’ development with him playing baseball. Is this going to be a problem?

    • Sonny Schovanec

      I wouldn’t. The coaches made it clear that CT will get reps and prepare this Spring “like he is the starter” and make it to baseball to get “his cuts in”. I think CT sees the writing on the wall. Bell – TE, Kendall – gone, Mayfield – sit out a year. Cody has a great chance to earn the back up QB job at OU. How many kids have an opportunity to say they are the back up QB for the Oklahoma Sooners?

  • White Goodman

    Outspoken as usual from LJ!

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    Awesome of Landry to take some time to watch some tape for us! I’m still waiting for him to get his chance to start in the NFL.
    I’ve been excited about Cody Thomas since he first committed, honestly thought he’d end up being the QB after Bell. Boy has a lot changed since then! lol

  • Sonny Schovanec

    Before people get crazy with the evals on by these guys, understand that a 3.8 is a heck of an eval based on the FB’s criteria/grading scale. 3.8 “good to GREAT” “one of the BETTER in his region” “natural tools to develope into a all conference player”. The have been only a couple of kids rated higher then a 4.0 on The Brainiacts scale. Sam Bradford’s don’t grow on trees.
    The FB’s aren’t in the business of handing out bonus points to keep their subscribers happy. Just another reason this site has credibility is they don’t have paid subscribers to make feel happy by being OU homers.

  • Sonny Schovanec

    These Evals confirmed what I’ve always heard about Cody Thomas. Ive heard impartial people say he was pound for pound the most talented QB in the 2013 class. Even OSU homer Robert Allen was “crushed” when Cody committed to the good guys. Allen who doesn’t make it a habit of talking up OU commits raved about Cody after he chose OU.

    • Sooner Ray

      I’ve been a fan of the kid but worry we may never see him play if TK can keep rolling, hope he doesn’t jump to baseball full time. Hope Stoops lets him get some game time early in the season just to keep him interested.

      • Sonny Schovanec

        Sooner Ray I think CT is all in.

        • Indy_sooner

          Makes me feel good that there are a lot of good QBs with BB talent as well. Winston, Russell Wilson and even old man Weeden have done very well handling both, so I think it will work great for him

      • Sonny Schovanec

        I took that as. Football first, get your cuts in later around Spring Ball.

      • JD

        Yeah. I really hope Knight and the rest of the offense can really light it up at least a few games and give Thomas the opportunity to play some in the 4th or entire 2nd half (now I’m just being greedy) of those games.

    • Sooner Ray

      Really hope Cody gets the chance to play/beat LosuR at some point just so we can hear that homer cry about it!

  • Would love Chris Trulove’s thoughts on Knight’s performance in the Sugar Bowl and how Chris views Knight as a pro prospect!

  • Jake Kimbrell

    Watched Cornwell in person twice against 3-A competition, I didn’t come away overly impressed. Yes the kid is huge, and he could throw the ball a long way, not very Mobile really although he did make a few throws after scrambling to avoid a sack. Hope the kid does great… If I had to bet on it though… IMO not gonna have much of an impact at Alabama. I put it out there so hopefully I’m wrong and the kid lights it up and someone can call me out. Since he does have some tools to work with in his size and arm strength maybe people who know much more about ball than I, the Alabama staff can bring out the best in him. But sometimes Im right about knowing a player “has it” when I see it and sorry but Cornwell didn’t have “it” least when I watched. Boomer!! Boy am I excited about the Sooners for next year and the future, I believe Bob and the boys are on the verge of returning to dominant, especially the defense, high hopes for the O, but the tiny pessimist voice is saying, don’t make bet the farm yet, the other 99% of me is saying the offense is fixing to be unstoppable as well! Hell why I’m at this rambling here’s one for you… Bob won’t pass the king in national titles he will tie him though!

    • Sooner Ray

      A friend of mine also saw him and had a similar opinion. Thought he was a big fish in a small pond and didn’t appear to have the kind of toughness that we typically look for. I never seen him myself so take it for what it’s worth.

  • RVNVET6869

    So where are these trench warfare + comments located? Sounds really interesting! Yes, I am addicted as well, I pass this site on to everyone I know. Just OUTSTANDING!

  • #justwinOU

    Landry Jones gets a C – for participation. Give it some effort Landry. Ha!