Breiden Fehoko News

I’ve got great news about STUD DL, Breiden Fehoko. We we’re chatting this afternoon and he mentioned how he called coach Montgomery and coach Stoops and today and he said he “loves” talking to them. He said they are “too real”.

Then he drops the news on me that he is now planning on taking an unofficial visit to Oklahoma. He will be attending the spring game!

I was going to add this to the Open Post but with a talent like Fehoko this news needed it’s on post!

  • Jordan Esco


  • Super K


    • Gary Robbins

      Great news. Unofficial visit from Hawaii. 6-2/290, 225 bench like 36-38 times I lost count watching the video. And his grades are excellent. Great post Super K and way to go OU coach M.

  • Leroy Jenkins

    Wow so Khalil McKenzie is visiting this weekend & Fehoko for the spring game?! AND already a verbal from Overton?

  • Steve Johns

    It appears he’s developed a close friendship with OU commit Du’Vonta Lampkin. Would love to see this beast in Norman!

  • Yost

    Let’s goooooo!!!! Awesome news!

  • OUknowitscomin

    Man, you really put the Super in K.

  • Zack

    What are the odds the other kid from Hawaii takes a visit?

  • Doobie74OU

    I wonder who is more excited the Sooners Coaching staff or TFB! BOOM

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    This is great!

  • Randy Trainor

    SWEET! It’s GREAT to be a SOONER RIGHT NOW!!!!

  • connie usa

    I feel as though I’m back in the Switzer era where OU got almost everyone they wanted. It’s good to be the King again.

  • connie usa

    To the Brainiacs; You guys are awesome, but with all the info you are providing to us diehards, how do you get your “real” jobs done? PS: I’m not complaining.

    • Gary Robbins

      I’m like you it’s just amazing how the TFB crew knows all these people, coaches and the recruits. The recruits seem to click with TFB. There must be on a higher staff somewhere or they all ride in invisible -black helicopters. Thanks fellows.

      • Super K

        It’s a white helicopter! Lol

  • blac1819

    Wanted to say thanks for the excellent job yall do.
    Also man if we could somehow land this guy!!!
    There’s along way to go still but that’s a good sign.

  • J.K. Abbott
    • Sooner Ray

      I do that same thing when my underwear gets in a bad position!

      • J.K. Abbott


  • Awesome! I think 2015 will be a monster year in recruiting.

  • Ed Cotter

    Coach Mont keeps doing work…..on the recruiting trail and on the field. What a great get he was. Loved Shipp, he was a true Sooner, but Coach Mont has instilled some new blood that was sorely needed. BOOMER!!

    • All the new coaches are doin work. Coach B is knockin it out as well.

  • Andrew


  • Boomer4life

    Can’t wait till the Spring Game!

  • EasTex

    Impressive young man.
    If I recall correctly, Perine visited for the spring game last year and liked what he saw so much he committed. Hopefully Sooner Magic will work its charm on Fehoko this year.

  • SoonerPhins

    This Kid needs to be a top priority IMO! Kid could be a Monster in 3 Front Scheme! I just got done watching his highlights from his Junior Year and He needs to be a Top Priority.


    • Doobie74OU


  • Jed

    I’m fully available to make a big bowl of poke if that’s what it takes to make him feel at home. Even if we need to fly the tuna in from the gulf. I bet he’s never had it with ancho peppers.

  • Jed

    Just watched some film on him. Does he have a super big wing span? He seemed to be able to really reach out and touch people.

  • John Garner

    The good news just keeps coming.Thanx!! Hawaii to Oklahoma is quite a contrast so let’s hope Breiden loves the difference.

  • L’carpetron Dookmarriot

    I’m going to admit that I’m a little shaky with nervous excitement right about meow.

  • Super Keith

    Wow. If he’s planning on making the trip for the spring game, then he must have some really strong interest. That’s not a cheap trip on your own dime!