Boom News! | Jadon Haselwood Commits To Oklahoma

2019 elite wide receiver Jadon Haselwood has publicly announced his commitment to The University of Oklahoma on national television at the All American Bowl!

Haselwood joins Trejan Bridges and Theo Wease in a historic receiver class of the Sooners. Each of the wide receivers is among the top 20 players in the country by most services and Wease and Haselwood are considered the top receivers by different services.

The Haselwood to Oklahoma momentum began in earnest when Jadon and his family visited Norman for the spring game. His father went to Oklahoma and he had visited the campus the prior October for an unofficial visit.

Haselwood had been committed to Georgia for quite some time, but the Sooners always loomed in the background. In the end, their offense and his comfort with the program won out and he chose to play his college football at Oklahoma.

For those of you wondering, yes this represents the mysterious eyes from signing day eve and…this is also the answer to Super K’s hint on the Donor Board from way back on October 19th when he said…

***Insider Note: Iā€™m told there is a pretty decent possibility the Sooners pick up a massive signing day surprise. Source tells me the Sooners are in the top two or three for the player but things will remain quiet for the time being.

Haselwood is the 23rd player to have signed with Oklahoma in the New Wave 19 class and his commitment shoots them up the rankings. OU still has a few more players they are looking to add in what should be a consensus top 5 class when all is said and done.

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In his own words…