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Allen’s performance yesterday in the state championship may have proved that they are not only the best team in the state of Texas but perhaps even the best team in the entire country. They completely dominated Pearland winning the 5a Div. 1 state championship with a score of 63-28.

Given the number of possessions Pearland had the Allen defense was incredibly impressive. In fact Allen had a 48 sec scoring drive which, needless to say, is a fast turn around. Despite that, Allen gave up less than 250 yards. As expected one of the standout players on the defense was Oklahoma commit Tay Evans. Here is a recent tweet by ESPN’s Damon Sayles about Tay Evans:



Damon’s assessment doesn’t surprise me at all. It takes a special athlete to play the hybrid positions that Oklahoma looks for on defense. Given the variety of offenses that Oklahoma faces the LB core has to have a diverse set of skills. Tay plays OLB/DE but he also plays strong safety when he’s required to man up the slot player. His ability to play those positions effectively demonstrates a ridiculous amount of diversity in his skill-set. It really does take a unique player to conquer all these tasks.

The first thing that stands out about Tay are his feet. He was one of OU’s first offers at the position and Kish wants guys that can move. Tay diagnoses well and gets himself to the point of attack quickly. When he plays stand up DE he is able to diagnose the play so quickly that he can set the edge immediately, turning the hips of the OT toward the sideline and then use leverage to not allow the ball carrier outside of him. As a pass rusher, one-on-one against the tackle he’s just too long especially when you couple it with his explosive first step. At 6’3″ with a long wing span he establishes space between the tackle with ease and knows how to finish. He had a beautiful ISO with the tackle in the state championship game that ended with a sack.

In coverage Tay was asked to played the slot receiver. We all know how imperative it is to be able to cover slot receivers in the Big 12. Tay is quick with his hands. He looks like a boxer when taking speed off of the receiver. He looks comfortable playing zone in the slot and he has pretty decent ball skills.

Even though Tay excels at all of these positions I believe OU will actually slide him over to the inside linebacker position. Oklahoma has to get more size on the inside but they can’t sacrifice athleticism. That’s exactly what Tay gives you. He’s got a long frame that can hold weight and he obviously has great athleticism. You can feel comfortable with him on the blitz, in coverage and holding up against the run. Guys like Frank Shannon are safeties that we’re spun down to ILB (in the 3-4). Tay is a DE/OLB moving to ILB so he’s obviously more accustomed to winning the point of attack and playing up front where it can get very messy.

I think a redshirt will help Tay. It will give him the time to gain weight and strength. But dont misinterpret me. I absolutely believe Tay can be special. I think a redshirt just allows him to gain the right weight and develop at the right pace. Tay has been coached well and plays with excellent technique. I look forward to seeing his growth and watching his brother Bobby play left tackle in the future.




  • OUFan123

    I watched the game yesterday, and said out loud, “Who’s that guy?” Turns out it was Tay Evans, and he’s going to OU. He should be a good one for us.

    • Super K

      Good post 123! It’s like you took the “blind tape test” and didn’t even know it :) I love hearing what people thought of someone without knowing anything about them.

      • OUFan123

        Him and that Christian Sam looked unstoppable. I know OU offered Sam, and even though he’s not going to Norman he should be really good at Arizona State. I think if OU offered a scholarship to Allen’s entire o-line I’d be ok with that.

        • Super K

          yeah ASU is recruiting well this year. Although no way De’Chavon would have picked them if it weren’t for the weather and the palm trees. He likes the OU coaches better.

          • OUFan123

            I’ve got family that live in Tempe & Sun City West, and while the palm trees and weather can be nice…it’s all about that In-N-Out Burger. That’s what I think swayed De’Chavon more than anything, haha.

          • SoonerInNorCal

            I had a double double not more than an hour ago. Folks in the mid-west should be salivating with the prospect of In-n-Out moving into the territory (already in DFW and Austin)….

          • Steve Cooke

            In & out is overrated. I had the double double animal style in Oxnard and all it was was a glorified big mac.

  • http://www.TheFootballBrainiacs.com/ JY

    Great job Ace. Trying to find the film on his Brother Bobby to have a look at how he played at the tackle spot.

    • Paul Warfield

      He played really well for the most part.

      May have given up one pressure that I can remember, but he looked fantastic otherwise. Had numerous pancakes and just was taking care of business on a consistent basis.

      OU needs to do whatever they can to land Allen’s sophomore right tackle as well. That young man looks like he will be special.

  • Sooner Ray

    Tay looks like a good fit for Mike’s defense. Hopefully we’re solid enough next year that he can/will redshirt. Any idea how he’s doing in the school work?

    • Super K

      Not sure Ray. I always just assumed he was fine. Yeah hopefully with Striker, Shannon, Devante Bond, Evans and Alexander we’ve got enough to let him RS. But if he’s ready our coaches will let him play. When they say they prefer to play a kid than RS…they mean it.

  • blaster1371

    Coming from a very successful program says a lot about the coaching he has been getting. On the day he committed and I read his interview he sounded like a solid prospect all the way around. If I have my facts straight it was an injury his junior year that gave other schools pause. This kid shows a lot of promise. Am excited he is going to OU!

    • Super K

      Agree. He’s further along in his development and knows what it takes to be successful. Great pedigree as well.

  • ohiosoonerdevildog

    Do you guys see him getting into the 230 or 240 range and keeping his speed? Seems like some of our lbs of late have been undersized and wallowed up in the run game.

    • Super K

      Definitely 230. Difference between 234 to 240 is huge…bigger in the weight room than it appears on paper so not sure there. Dom is going to be a big kid. Yost has talked to him quite a few times and he says he looks like he’s already over 220. Contrast that with Jordan Evans who was 207 earlier this season.

      • ohiosoonerdevildog

        Awesome. Yeah Dom seems kind of lengthy and you can tell he cpuld throw on weight rather easy. I just long for the days of the Curtis Lofton/ Rufus Alexander types. Just seems lately with our smaller lbs the run d has suffered quite a bit. And I know Dom didnt get a chance to redshirt to throw on weight. But I wasnt a big fan of Tom Wort and Lewis Baker and them guys. They just seemed like they couldnt shed a block.

  • Indy_sooner

    Hopefully our pipeline opens up beyond legacy kids. Lots of studs on both sides of the squad! Kyler Murray, for one is very very good.

  • RIsh

    His brother Bobby is listed at 6″5 265 as a junior. Very athletic big man (went to tackle from tightend). Obviously the more weight he’s able to put on the better and better he should get. The other tackle for Allen is Greg Little who is listed at 6″5 285 as a Sophomore in high school. He is and will be a beast.

    • Indy_sooner

      The dude just keeps growing, ha. I had forgotten that we have Bobby coming in as a true OT, not just a hybrid G/T, but a true OT prospect! Add in Wariboko and Que’ and you get the picture that the 2015 O-line class is going to be massive.

      Greg Little would be a huge get. Would have made things easier for us if he was in the 15′ class. Hopefully coach B keeps serious inroads with this lad.

    • http://www.TheFootballBrainiacs.com/ JY

      Bobby looks really good from what little film I’ve seen on him. It was kind of a two for one shot as I was able to start the film over and see his bookend compatriot, Greg Little as well. They are both very impressive tackles. I can’t wait to see what they look like next year, as Bobby will be close to 300 as a senior and Greg most likely north of that Mark. Hopefully we can pull him too.

  • Adrian

    Gosh that’s a future O-line right There..Gregory Little (LT) Natrell Curtis (LG) Alex Dalton (C) Jonathan Alvarez (RG) Bobby Evans (RT) Defense you have rotations with Tay Evans, Erik Striker and Devante Bond with Dom. Alexander, Frank Shannon, Evans and Curtis Bolton

    • Adrian

      Even Though I still think we will/should move Jordan Evans to Nickle like Julian Wilson since he can cover so well but then add hitting power to that position

      • http://www.TheFootballBrainiacs.com/ JY

        I bet we see Striker migrate there with Bond coming in to take over the Jack Backer spot. That would give us a legitimate blitzer at the nickel spot. Julian’s great covering, but blitzing isn’t a strength.

    • http://www.TheFootballBrainiacs.com/ JY

      Adrian, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Anyone who can’t see the work that these coaches are putting in getting guys who fit what we’re trying to do or become is blind or in denial. Mike came back and totally changed how we were going about doing things. Insert Bedenbaugh, Boulware, Kish and Montgomery, and now you’ve got guys who are totally engaged in bringing #8 home where it belongs. Next year this defense will be filthy, and it’s only gonna get better. Same goes for the OL.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDUvqXK4DEM DCinAZ

        Agree that next year the D will be filthy, and they’ll be even filthier the season after that. As you said, anybody with an objective pair of eyes that can see the youth out there doing what they’re doing, and holding their own, can see how nasty this unit is going to be when all these young guys “grow up”. I see a future defense that will be fast, physical, disciplined, and nasty.
        You can see that Mike is putting attitude back on our defense that went missing for so many years after his departure. Even ESPN had an article about what our defense is going to be next season. Everybody can see it!

        • http://www.TheFootballBrainiacs.com/ JY

          Can’t wait to see Mike debunk the myth that you can’t shut down these big xii offenses.

  • Leroy Jenkins

    Have y’all heard any updates on Deondre Clark?