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We’ve been dropping recruiting information on y’all in various posts so we figured it would make things easier for readers if we periodically did a recruiting summary to bring some of it together in one convenient place. These are some thoughts on Oklahoma’s chances at some of their targets based on the most recent information we’ve acquired from our sources:

Offensive Line

Natrell Curtis – The big interior lineman recently decommitted from Washington. The day before Natrell told me he was down to Oklahoma and Washington but was waiting to see what happened with Coach Lupoi. He said he was going to wait till after the bowl game to see how things play out but he actually pulled the trigger and decommitted yesterday (may have had something to do with the allegations against Coach Lupoi). So now it would seem Oklahoma is in a pretty good spot. I did ask him after he decommitted if he was thinking of committing to Oklahoma and he said “I don’t know yet but I will let you know”. He didn’t say no so it sounds like he is definitely considering committing to OU. Getting Natrell in to go along with Alvarez and Dalton would make this a fantastic interior line class.

Jordan Sims – Well here’s the deal with Sims. He is a huge Alabama fan. So much so that he is actually considering a grey shirt that Alabama is offering him. Alabama is full at OG. As y’all may have noted earlier in the week Chris Trulove (former NFL scout) took the blind tape test and gave Jordan Sims the highest grade…higher than standout OG and tOSU commit Demetrius Knox (http://thefootballbrainiacs.com/?p=2008). However Sims said that he is still considering taking a visit to Oklahoma. Obviously nothing is going to happen if he doesn’t take the visit but if he does then it could be huge because Sims hasn’t been visiting many schools so outside of Ole Miss and Alabama he doesn’t have a ton of familiarity with other schools. He’s pretty laid back with the recruiting process. But got to get him on that visit to have a chance.

Now turning to the OT position. This is a huge position of need. In my opinion Oklahoma needs to bring in at least 2 HS OTs.

Jovan Pruitt – got word from a friend of Jovan’s who spoke to him about his commitment to Arkansas and he said that right now Jovan is all Arkansas. Not sure if there might be an opening later on but right now he seems to be solid to Arkansas and as far as I know he still hasn’t taken an official to Oklahoma. Jovan’s friend also said that Jovan is even trying to recruit a teammate to Arkansas. So for now we’ll assume he’s off the list.

Kenyon Frison – Kenyon is currently a Utah commit but is considering Oklahoma and recently scheduled an Arizona State visit. Kenyon has visited Oklahoma and Oklahoma felt good about where they stood after the visit but it would seem ASU is going to get Frison’s last visit. Things looked a lot better when it was just Oklahoma competing with Utah but with ASU in it things just got tougher and the recruiting process will certainly be drawn out more than OU can perhaps afford to wait given the need at the position. I will say that I asked Kenyon where OU stands and he was adamant that Oklahoma is still firmly in it so Sooner fans are just going to have to be patient here and see how things play out.

Tristan Hill – I absolutely believe Oklahoma should offer this young man. 6’6 290 lbs and athletic with plenty of room to grow…smart kid from a good family and right in your back yard…you take a kid like that. But even if Oklahoma doesn’t I still believe he’s going to get some offers before it’s all said and done.

Lukayas McNeil – We don’t have a connection to McNeil so we don’t really know much about him. All I know is he took a visit to Oklahoma this past weekend. He’s currently committed to Louisville. McNeil is incredibly athletic. He’s got a lot of work to do in the weight room and in terms of technique but he’s got great upside and his senior film looks a lot better than his junior film.

Defensive Backs

Tee Shepard – Tee isn’t a name I’ve heard much lately. It’s kind of well known in the recruiting world that if you go to a Mississippi JUCO you’re not likely to be seen again outside the SEC. But I talked to someone this week and he actually said Tee is still interested in Oklahoma. How interested…I don’t know but according to my source Oklahoma is still recruiting Tee.

Juwan Dowels – Juwan is an incredibly fluid CB out of Miami. Coach Bobby Jack went down to see him recently and Juwan loved Coach Bobby Jack. Juwan said Coach Wright was hilarious! He set up an official to Oklahoma for January. Dowels is a good kid and a smart kid but I found out this week that it sounds like he’s got a little work to do in the classroom to make sure he qualifies. It’s not some impossible situation but something that I’m sure OU is going to stay on top of. I love Dowels game and really hope OU can land him and he makes it in.

Cornelius Floyd – Floyd is another Miami area CB that Coach Wright recently visited. Floyd isn’t as fluid as Dowels (who is?) but Floyd is a big kid…long lean frame with the ability to short and long stride. Heard this week that Floyd is in the process of setting up an official visit to Oklahoma. I don’t have a date yet but was told that the coaches are working on finalizing a visit. OU would be in great shape if they could close on Floyd and Dowels!

Steven Parker – Everyone we’ve talked to that’s close to the Steven Parker situation has told us that Steven is OU’s to lose. It’s no secret that TAMU has been the biggest competition for Oklahoma. We still believed that OU was going to win but with TAMU’s DB coach, Marcel Yates, leaving things may be easier for OU. Yates was Steven’s main recruiter. Now don’t get it twisted TAMU still has a number of great recruiters. In fact a little know secret is that David Beaty (TAMU’s WR coach) is a beast of a recruiter. He’s their “closer”. He closed on Myles Garret and dang near cost someone at TCU their job (that’s a story for another time). TAMU might have a coach recruiting a kid the entire process but when they want to close they send Beaty in. Still gotta believe OU can and should win this one though.


  • Steve Cooke

    On another board they are saying Tee might not qualify after just 1 year at JUCO.

    • Aaron Hunsaker

      How would he not qualify? He got into Notre Dame originally.

      • Steve Cooke

        You obviously don’t follow recruiting very much. He didn’t actually qualify for ND or he would be there not at a juco. He was prematurely admitted to ND when he didn’t actually meet the entrance requirements.

        • Aaron Hunsaker

          I got ya, I just assumed since he was enrolled at Notre Dame and practiced with team then he qualified. I thought his requirement problems were just in high school since he transferred schools.

          • Steve Cooke

            No ND screwed this kid over. He did actually enroll I think then the academia side said he didn’t qualify. He then tried to enroll at OU but then the ncaa stepped in and would not allow it since he “enrolled” at ND.

  • SoonerBredCD

    Are you saying that Myles Garret was headed to TCU before Beaty swept in and closed the deal for A&M?

    • Super K

      Lol naw but Patterson believed a certain guy in their program should have been able get garret based on a previous relationship he had with myles

      • SoonerBredCD

        LOL… Devante Fields? So that’s why he wasn’t playing this year.

        • Super K

          Yeah same guy who brought in fields was expected to bring in Garrett

  • soonerthunder

    Man, this is great stuff. I really appreciate this board. You guys seem to speak more on competency/knowledge than like a “fan” who covers recruiting. We owe you guys a lot and pay nothing. But, I do want to say thank you!

    • Super K

      Y’all reading this site is thanks enough bud! We appreciate y’all being part of this site/community

  • Ballard

    Anything new on Quick?

    • Jordan Esco

      One of the ESPN guys is reporting that he and Tee Shepard are visiting USC on Jan. 24th w/ Quick, then the former will also be visiting UCLA the following weekend (Jan. 31st). The report also states that both Quick and Shepard are expected to announce their commitment together (meaning at the same ceremony, not necessarily the same school) on NSD.

    • Super K

      Viney and the coaches still feel good about quick last I heard. But with USC being stabilized you never know. I know Coach Perry prefers OU and wants his players at OU. Definitely a lot working in OU’s favor so it’d be a shame if we missed on him.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDUvqXK4DEM DCinAZ

    Do you guys have any insight as to why we are having such a difficult time recruiting linemen? We shouldn’t be losing recruiting battles to the Utah’s, Arkansas, and the ASU’s of the world and it strikes me as troubling, especially since it seems focused in the most critical area of the game. We can recruit DB’s, RB’s QB’s, LB’s, and WR’s all day long, but when it comes to linemen, especially tackles and D-ends, we hit a wall for some reason. It almost seems like OL and DL are avoiding Oklahoma?

    • Indy_sooner

      It is indeed aggravating. Coach B, with his 1 year here has yet to be able to establish the connections in this regions in the manner that Shipp /Patton did. It is hard to convince people of your success without a clear history of putting your players in the NFL as well (may also explain ASU’s/Shipp’s success)

      But just like Kish and Stoops, I will not critique the man until he has another year. Still optimistic that we will close in on some of these guys before NSD

  • RIsh

    a little off topic but do any of yall know if theres been any contact/talk by the OU coaches on 2015 qb Kyler Murray of Allen TX?

  • territorysooner

    K, any new thoughts on Mixon now that Cal is off his list?

    • Super K

      I talked to our guy who knows Joe and hes going to ask him so I’ll let yall know when I hear from him

  • hOUligan

    Super K, wondering if there is any more buzz about Jonathon Willis? A lot to like about that kid but wondering if OU has backed off after signing Bond as you were thinking Willis would be a great fit at the ‘Jack’ OLB position.

    • Super K

      J Will and I talk regularly. He’s a great kid so I also ask around about him and what I’ve heard is that there is actually someone on the Arkansas staff (I think it’s the WRs coach) that saw him and likes him but I don’t how the defensive guys feel or what their needs are. I also heard that TCU is currently evaluating him but they flipped Ty Summers from Rice recently so I’m not sure what their needs are at LB since they only play 2. OU has not been in touch and that might be a mistake because Willis can play any of the LB (except for the SOLB) spots and IMR looks like an uphill battle and we still don’t know how things are going to play out with Jonathan Thomas’ qualification.

  • bjwalker82

    A wee bit off topic but I find it hilarious that Tito Windham is now considered a 4 star by some corporate sites. When this began he was a 2 star. He must have made quite a leap in 3 months.