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Many of you probably heard that TAMU’s DB coach, Marcel Yates, took the defensive coordinator position at Boise State. We wanted to know how or if that would affect Steven Parker’s decision. We’ve been told by our source all along that Parker was OU’s to lose but I figured I’d ask about the role Marcel played in Steven’s recruitment. Our Parker source said Marcel has been the main recruiter and Steven had a good relationship with him. He said that Marcel Yates leaving does help Oklahoma but again he’s been telling us that Steven Parker would likely end up at OU anyway.

We felt TAMU was already behind OU but this should help. If TAMU beats OU out for Parker now it would be a heck of a recruiting job by Sumlin and co. Stranger things have happened. Let’s hope it doesn’t in this case.

  • CoachStauder

    Any time frame on his decision? At one point it seemed as though a December decision was planned.

    • Super K

      No clue now. Seemed like December for a minute but at this point It’s anyone’s guess

      • ctsooner

        Thanks guys. I’ve never seen him in person, but know many whom I trust who have watched him grow up and are close to him. They say this kid isn’t a must get, because he’s from OK. They say he’s a must get because he’s THAT good. One of them feels that he is the best DB he’s seen at any of the national combines he went to this year and he went to a few of the top national ones. Said his upside is off the charts and that he can and will compete from day one as he has the aptitude to learn quickly. That often times is lost on kids. How many DB’s have we seen come through OU who had the physical tools in spades, but could never earn PT?

  • Sooner Ray

    Watched his championship game( seen him a few times as the kids attend Jenks ). We need to land this kid. All the kids there are well coached and usually prepared for the college game. Would be shocked if he went anywhere else

  • JD

    Wasn’t he the championship game MVP? He looked solid on both sides. He miss a few tackles against Mead but all in all had a great game

    • Sooner Ray

      Mead is a stud also

      • JD

        Meier and Overton as well..It’ll be nice to have them all on the same team :)

  • Paul Warfield

    You have to wonder how Parker would fit in at Oklahoma and if that is a worry of his.

    Oklahoma may play a lot of DB’s but Mike Stoops plays a lot of CB’s, not safeties. And if Thomas and Byrd are emerging, as the word is they are, Steven may see a better opportunity elsewhere.

    I know he has mentioned the young safeties at OU before, so he is very aware of them.

    • OUFan123

      This is a great point. Both Byrd and Thomas are Freshman, I think. How would he fit into what OU wants to do if both safety spots are taken up?

      • Sooner Ray

        When a kid grows up thinking he’s the best, competition shouldn’t scare him. I say get them all and put the best on the field regardless of age. Hell, Our freshman LB was defensive player of the year.

    • Billy Jackson

      If Parker’s “that good” Mike will find a place for him on the field. He could easily play nickle back.

      Good competition only makes everyone better, and I believe A&M has a few highly touted safeties coming in the class already, so OU’s situation should not deter him in any way.

      • pitbull17


    • CoachStauder

      aTm already has 3 safety commits…

  • Steve Cooke

    There is a thread on the horn 247 board that Duane Akina may be up for the a&m db coaches opening.

    • Jordan Esco

      I saw something yesterday that said they were looking for a guy w/ strong ties to the state of Louisiana (for recruiting purposes, obviously).

      • Steve Cooke

        Yeah I think its the db coach at Tulane that might be #1 target.