nfl Sooners In The NFL | Week Sixteen

This proved to be an active and productive week for the former Sooners playing in the league. Whether it was Frank Alexander’s Panthers clinching a playoff spot, or Gerald McCoy recording his ninth sack on the season which tied a franchise record for defensive tackles, or DeMarco Murray’s two touchdown game helping his Cowboys get a much needed win, or the undrafted Tony Jefferson getting the start and helping his Cardinals pull off a huge win on the road in Seattle.

No matter which former Oklahoma Sooner it may have been, we’re getting you caught up on all of them and how they performed in the second to last week of the NFL regular season.

Frank Alexander (Panthers) – started, 1 tackle, 1 pass defended

Sam Bradford (Rams) – out for the season

Ryan Broyles (Lions) – out for the season

Chris Chester (Redskins) – started at right guard

Jamell Fleming (Jaguars) – played, no stats

Dominique Franks (Falcons) – plays Monday night

Jermaine Gresham (Bengals) – 3 catches for 49 yards & 1 TD

James Hanna (Cowboys) – played, no stats

Tony Jefferson (Cardinals) – started, 3 tackles, 1 QB hit

Lane Johnson (Eagles) – started at right tackle

Landry Jones (Steelers) – not active

Davin Joseph (Bucs) – started at right guard

Travis Lewis (Lions) – serving four game suspension

Phil Loadholt (Vikings) – started at right tackle

Curtis Lofton (Saints) – 4 tackles, 1 sack, 1 QB hit, 1 tackle for loss

Gerald McCoy (Bucs) – 6 tackles, 1 sack, 1 tackle for loss, 1 QB hit

Stacy McGee (Raiders) – started, no stats

DeMarco Murray (Cowboys) – 22 rushes for 96 yards & 1 TD, 3 catches for 15 yards & 1 TD

Adrian Peterson (Vikings) – 11 rushes for 45 yards, 1 catch for 2 yards

Donald Stephenson (Chiefs) – started at left tackle

Kenny Stills (Saints) – 2 catches for 23 yards, 4 targets

Trent Williams (Redskins) – started at left tackle

  • Super K

    Gerald is killin it!

    • Sonny Schovanec

      yes he is SK. Over the past 6 weeks or so GM has played at a near pro bowl level.

  • soonermusic

    didn’t see the game, but heard on the radio that Hartley was cut by the Saints. :-(

    • Jordan Esco

      Yep, happened early this week. Sucks but I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t catch on somewhere else.

  • Jared Tyra

    DeMarco is fierce; that dude ripped off his helmet and wanted to go after the entire ‘Skins defense hahaha

  • Sooner Ray

    Murray is willing his team to win, he is a beast.

    • connie usa

      He might be a beast, but Lane Johnson’s Philly Eagles will win next week.

      • Sooner Ray

        Probably right, wish the same team would draft all sooners, I hate picking sides.

  • Will Narramore

    Top 5 OU players in the NFL right now? Peterson, McCoy, Murray, Loadholt, and Bradford?

    • bmrsnr

      Williams before load

      • Sonny Schovanec

        bmrsnr what do you base TW over Load on?? I have no idea. I don’t watch a lot of NFL ball, dang sure don’t watch NFLfilm, just wondering how/why you think Williams is better then Loadholt at the NFL level.

    • Jared Tyra

      Stills and Jefferson are showing up as rookies, though. Could be on this list soon IMO.

    • connie usa

      I think Lane Johnson has to be in the Top 5.

  • pitbull17

    Is Landry hurt or is he on the verge of being cut?
    Love that Tony Jefferson is making an impact in the league.

    • Sooner Ray

      I’ve wondered the same thing. haven’t seen him since preseason. I’ll bet our man Jordan can get the scoop.

    • Jordan Esco

      Not hurt (to my knowledge), just third string behind a pair of veterans biding his time.

      • Sooner Ray

        I knew you would come thru!

      • pitbull17

        I don’t follow too much NFL, why is Lewis suspended?

        • ToatsMcGoats
          • Sooner Ray

            Don’t you put that evil on us Ricky Bobby

          • pitbull17

            I just did a little investigating, he was suspended for Adderal, not a steriod. It’s the study drug.

          • Sonny Schovanec

            I had no idea Lewis was suspended for Adderal. Adderal is commonly scripted for people with ADD. Adderal is banned by the league as will as MLB. It is considered to be a speed too the people who use it that ARE NOT ADD. Ian Kinsler uses it. Under the MLB CBA he is allowed because he was diagnosed as being ADD.

          • pitbull17

            I found it on a Detroit website. As far as the affects of Adderal, yeah I know exactly what it does if you don’t need it. I took it a few times in college. It will give you razor sharp focus and you will not sleep for a while, tons of energy, I could see why it would be banned.

          • Sonny Schovanec

            Great post pit. Love the honesty.

          • pitbull17

            Ah, no big deal. No reason to not admit to doing something 10 years ago. I’ve admitted to much worse.