ou-twitter-avatar1 Dwight Williams Notes and Speculation

Earlier today 2014 California LB, Dwight Williams, tweeted out the following:

Something that probably stood out to y’all and certainly stood out to us is the lack of any California schools on that list. Everything I’d heard prior to this list was that Dwight would either go where Adoree (Jackson) goes, they are best friends, or he’d stay in California. I decided to do some asking around to see if Oklahoma had any chance at all.

I’ll tell y’all what I found out but let me be clear — I DON’T KNOW WHERE DWIGHT IS GOING. In fact it doesn’t seem like anyone, including his coaches, know where he is going. So please don’t misinterpret my attempt to give y’all the information. I am not making any kind of a prediction. I know people love to rip us, and anyone else offering recruiting information, if things don’t play out a certain way. In the end we’re dealing with kids who change their minds and are tight lipped about where they are going. As I mentioned when De’Chavon Hayes changed his commitment decision multiple times before he finally chose Arizona State and I was privy to almost all the changes including the last one, but I couldn’t betray his trust and tell y’all. In fact, for those who didn’t see it, here was the tweet De’Chavon put out after his commitment:

When De’Chavon changed his mind and decided to go to ASU, he told me a couple days before because he knew I wouldn’t say anything. Of course we were ripped by some for being “wrong” about De’Chavon because I predicted Oklahoma (and that’s exactly where he was going to commit to). I tell y’all this so that you understand that this business of knowing things or speculating on things is a difficult one. So please take it easy on us.

On this Dwight Williams situation, again, just telling you what I’ve heard. NOTHING MORE. If you don’t want to know what I’ve heard then just avoid these kinds of posts.

So I talked to two people about Dwight. I talked to one of his coaches and I talked to a football guy who’s known Dwight for a while. This is what I got from them regarding Oklahoma (I’m going to intermix the sources, but I’ll tell you specifically when it is his coach):

- I was told that Dwight actually has family in southern Oklahoma/north Texas and in southern Georgia/north Florida. And according to this person that is one of the reasons he looked at both Florida and Oklahoma.

- I was told that Dwight genuinely enjoyed his visit to Oklahoma. It wasn’t just him telling the Oklahoma media what they wanted to hear.

- Said he has a good relationship with Coach Kish and he talks to Coach Kish often.

- Loved the fact that Oklahoma has a lot of California kids…something “they (Dwight and Adoree) aren’t likely to find in Florida”

- Distance from Cali to Oklahoma might help.

- His coach told me that he is one of the best kids they’ve seen (big deal coming from someone at a school like Serra). “He’s smart…he understands the game…he can cover…he can fit…he can drop”

- Coach said that his game better fits the Big 12 and while it may not be dispositive, it is something that, according to his coach, Dwight is aware of. Coach further said, offenses in the SEC don’t allow him to show case his strengths as much. NFL can really see his skills when he shows his versatility in the Big 12.

- Was told by someone familiar with LSU’s staff that LSU may actually be done at LB. I said “but wouldn’t they save a spot for a guy like Dwight?” and the person I asked said, “not necessarily.” Take it for what it’s worth.

- Was told that Clemson didn’t seem likely.

Most of what I asked related to Oklahoma so obviously I’m going to be getting the Oklahoma-centric side of it. But I will say that before talking to both people I would have said Oklahoma had no chance. Now it definitely feels like Oklahoma is at least a player on that list. I’ve got to think they’re at least higher than Georgia and Clemson.

Again, just passing along what I’ve heard. I don’t know where Dwight is heading. You have the information I was given so…speculate all you like…but please don’t run around telling everyone that “The Brainiacs are saying Dwight Williams is going to Oklahoma.” I am not saying that. I DON’T KNOW. You know what I know now so you can come up with your own predictions.

  • ctsooner

    K, you guys have been doing a great job. Anyone who has a clue on recruiting know these kids change their minds up to the last second. I get ripped all the time on Rivals when I say it’s ‘fluid’ or that kids change their minds. You’ve put yourselves in this game so you’ll be wrong plenty of times, but I like the info you are sharing in real time. I can make up my own mind on things and don’t blame anyone for being wrong etc… This board actually has me going back to Rivals even more to check film, databases and to reread Josh’s info going all the way back on kids. I also think back to things I’ve been told by folks. I remember asking Josh privately to look into Williams and one or two others in Cali that I was told would have OU in the thick of it. I don’t know for sure, but I think Williams has really liked OU for a very long time. I’d LOVE to get him as we need 4 backers on the field and we have injuries all the time. IF we could get Quick, Williams and Adoree, that would be a nice way to end things, lol. If not Williams, we may get the kid out of GA (was that Thomas?)

    • Super K

      Appreciate it CT!

      • ctsooner

        K, it’s the way it should be. I have grown to hate all of those internet jerks who call out anyone who may be wrong on anything they say. They may end up wrong and be right when they post it, but the back story never gets out. Those folks who flame are always ones who have no idea ever and just bitch and complain. They probably live shallow lives.

  • Leroy Jenkins

    People always find more courage to bash people while sitting behind a computer screen. You shouldn’t take it personally because you and everyone at the Brainiacs are doing a great job. You’re absolutely right: these are 17/18 year old kids, they change their mind. This is the biggest decision of their lives and they’ve got tons of pressure on them. Recruiting speculation is why sites like this get so much traffic around this time, but it’s just that: speculation. You guys have sources that the average person doesn’t, and we care what you say about recruits, even when some predictions don’t come to fruition.

    The corporate sites get predictions wrong all the time. If their credibility was built on being 100% correct they’d be out of business. You should be confident in your predictions because that’s what makes your site worthwhile and engaging; your genuineness and ability to speak “to the point” are why I keep coming back. You got the Hayes prediction wrong….so what? You shouldn’t feel bad about that. You wrote what you heard and wrote about your conversations with the kid, and he changed his mind, that’s all it was. And if people sent you hateful emails about that, they need to get a life and grow the hell up.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. And in regards to Dwight Williams…that kid is a beast.

    • Super K

      People do indeed lol.

  • Jordan Esco

    Very interesting. These hat things rarely tend to go in OU’s favor, at least in recent years, and while my pessimism makes me feel like this one won’t either. But K’s info has shed some new light on things w/ a kid (as K said) I would have bet OU had absolutely no shot with.

  • Paul Warfield

    Anyone else have that sneaking feeling that with all the talk of “5 hats on the table” and making “things being epic” that these kids are planning to pull a hat out from somewhere else that is not on the table? Such as a UCLA hat for Williams and Mixon???

    Would be beyond fantastic if they were Sooners, but the wording of things doesn’t add up. Nothing is epic or special about doing the same thing kids have been doing for the past 5 to 7 years.

    • Leroy Jenkins

      I agree, my bet is that Mixon pulls out a Cal hat from under the table. I think he likes the attention and prospect of playing at either OU or Wisconsin, but chooses to stay near home and be the starting RB at Cal or UCLA.

    • Super K

      That’s actually a really interesting take. Would indeed shock people and it makes sense. Whether it happens on not that’s a good question and a dang good post.

      • Cary Newman

        I’ve said this for awhile now regarding Mixon. It won’t mean much to me which cap this kid places on his head at the A bowl. He’ll recruitment will take more twists and turns right up to NSD (and maybe beyond).

        • Super K

          lol…he’s enjoying himself that’s for sure :)

          • Cary Newman

            Mixon reminds me of Tommie Harris in that regard. Mack Brown told me personally on NSD afternoon he thought Texas had a shot of signing Tommie that morning.

          • Super K


        • Leroy Jenkins

          That kid’s twitter is full of him getting new tattoos. What if he shows a tattoo of his school of choice? That would be crazy…especially if he changed his mind afterwards

          • Cary Newman

            He’s probably aware of tattoo removal.

          • Super K

            Reminds me of that Reuben Foster. He flipped a couple times and had that Auburn tat but ended up signing with Bama. Course the Auburn (HS) schools coaches recruited him to their HS and knowing Alabama recruiting that kid probably had a ridiculous amount of pressure from all over.

    • Shelby is a Patriot

      Yeah I’ve seen this discussed about Mixon. Like Leroy mentioned, he could pull out a Cal hat. I hope not. Surely they know that’s been done to death by now, right?

  • Travis Tyra

    Hey appreciate all you guys do! Y’all keep bringing the news and I’ll keep reading. Have y’all happened to change y’all’s mind on Mixon any? He sure seems like he is pretty high on OU at the right time.

  • Travis Coyle

    I love these insider updates. Recruiting is a very intriguing to say the least. I know you guys wouldn’t come out and spoil the recruits decision anyways. You are just providing information.

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    Awesome, thanks. It’s nice to know we’re a contender, at least.

  • Paul Warfield

    You guys hearing anything on UCLA backing off?

    If that is the case, rumor is out there…than things very well may be looking good for OU and Williams.

    Is he a grade concern?

    • Super K

      I asked and they said his grades are fine. So no issue there. I was told USC wasn’t an option. Don’t know anything about the UCLA situation bud.

  • Super K

    Random note: Asked the D coach at Serra about Adoree’s ability and he said “I put 10 players on one side and Adoree on the other side and tell him to lock down that half” haha.

  • Jesse Wall

    Love the info super K. Love coming and reading everything you guys put up even if I don’t get to post as much as I like….. This kid’s ability is a good step in the right direction of the program …. Infusion of good talent …. Hope the Cali boys shock the world and make oklahoma an official pipeline for the west coast……

  • CoachStauder

    The same guys that rip people for being ‘wrong’ are the ones that say “person (or station) X hates my favorite team!” all the time. It’s funny watching guys rip some of the professional reporters on twitter and other outlets. Sometimes I read the comments on ESPN’s articles just for the comedy. There are so many people that enjoy criticizing everything and everyone…makes themselves feel better I guess. You have to be pretty miserable when you depend on letting your anger out towards others all the time.

  • Indy_sooner

    It’s been a good week as far as getting the OU name thrown about on the internets with some big time kids. Playing Bama in La. effect has it’s merits
    K, I think your disclaimers are unnecessary/ overkill… lol. If someone doesn’t like what y’all are doing, they can pound salt somewhere else. ..we definitely appreciate the extra info.
    Now please let Mr Hayes know that a switch to OU on NSD had been approved….. by me. ;)

    • Super K

      LOL nice :)

  • pitbull17

    I know these kids have fun with it and recruiting is something they only get to do once in a lifetime, but the hat game drives me freaking crazy! I guess it wouldn’t bother me near as much if it was an OU hat that the kid finally ended up putting on.

    • Jordan Esco

      “I guess it wouldn’t bother me near as much if it was an OU hat that the kid finally ended up putting on.”

      Exactly ;)

  • Swanny

    Been reading the site for a couple days now, big fan so far. Thanks for the insight!

    • Jordan Esco

      Thank you for reading!

  • bmrsnr

    Supposedly he has informed his future school of his intentions to commit this weekend. Can you guys do some digging and figure it out? :)

  • Super K

    Trying to snoop around and tell y’all what I’d be curious to hear while at the same time mitigating how much we get slammed if the kid goes elsewhere lol :)

  • connie usa

    Super K Man; Keep up the excellent work. Most of understand that recruiting isn’t an exact science, and HS kids can, and will, change their minds often. I’ve worked in a corporate environment for 20+ years, and realize that you will never please everyone. PLEASE don’t let some malcontents deter you from what y’all are doing!!!! I, for one, love you guys!!!!