Dowels - AndrewUloza Juwan Dowels Wins County MVP

Image from the Miami Herald (Photographer: Andrew Uloza)

Wow! Just heard that Oklahoma offer and soon-to-be Oklahoma visitor won this year’s MVP award in Broward County, FL! If you know anything about Miami football or Broward County you’d know that this is an incredible accomplishment. Broward is one of the three countries that make up Miami and while it’s not as chalked full of talent as Dade County it is still loaded with talent. There probably isn’t a more loaded county in the country than Dade. American Heritage HS, Juwan’s school, alone is home to Sony Michel (Georgia commit), Tarvarus McFadden, Torrance Gibson and many others! McFadden is the corner that plays opposite Juwan and he is a 2015 recruit who already holds offers from LSU, Georgia, Miss. State, South Carolina, Tennessee and a ton more schools.

Juwan is a pure cover corner. His coach literally plays cover 0 about 70% of the time so both Dowels and McFadden are regularly playing unprotected man coverage against some of the fastest and most elite players in the country!

To read my review of Dowels please check out our evaluation of him on the right hand side under the “Recent Evaluations” section. I’m telling y’all I haven’t seen a more fluid corner this year and as I’ve stated time and time again – if you stand out in the Miami area – you are as sure a bet as there is.

And I can tell y’all that OU has a good shot at Dowels. Really impressed by the award he’s been given. Congrats!

  • Super K

    Smooth dude!

  • JD

    Let’s get him!! There isn’t a handful of coaches more liked than BJW. There isn’t a handful of DCs more respected than Mike either (especially dealing w dbs)

    • Super K

      I think we have a good chance at him.

  • pitbull17

    This kid could really be an asset. OU has always been pretty good at getting and developing very talented corners, and this kid could potentially be a good get.

    • Super K

      One of his personal coaches is a former FSU CB. And he raved about Dowels.