ou-twitter-avatar1 Jovan Pruitt Note

After OT Denzel Ward cancelled his trip to Oklahoma we figured it would be a good idea to check in and see how things are going with Jovan Pruitt in case that might have been the reason for the cancellation. We asked a source in Dallas to check with him to see if Jovan might flip and to feel him out on the strength of his commitment to Arkansas and this is exactly what he said after talking to Jovan, “He isn’t (going to OU), he’s going to Arkansas”.

We we’re also told that Jovan is actually even recruiting a player for Arkansas (a teammate of his). So it sounds like the Ward visit cancellation has nothing to do with Jovan. Also, sounds like OU has a lot of work to do on the Jovan Pruitt front.

Just wanted to give y’all the heads up.

  • Jordan Esco

    Welp, that sucks.

  • Pokerman

    Some people are just pigs by nature. Good luck to him.

  • connie usa

    Why the OT struggles for OU? When you see how OU has 4 OT playing in the NFL, it doesn’t seem to make sense. Doesn’t shock me that Arkie is recruiting well on the OL with the headcoach coming from Wisconsin.

    • blaster1371

      No kidding huh? And OU has had the two go high in the first round over the last four years. I have never understood the problem OU has getting high profile OU linemen.

  • Super K

    Yeah Jovan is hard to get in touch with plus he won’t tell you anything if you talk to him anyway so its better to try to get people around him that can feel him out. Didn’t sound good for OU but one thing we’ve learned from recruiting in the short time we’ve been covering it – you never know. But right now the person we talked to said Jovan was set on Arkansas.

    • blaster1371

      Arkansas? That choice just baffles me.

      • connie usa

        Shouldn’t shock you. Bret Bielema ALWAYS had great OL at Wisconsin. And it’s got to be easier to recruit to Ark, than Wisconsin. I just don’t see why OU has so much trouble recruiting OL. Though, OU has done well converting guys to the OL (Lane, Jammal,..)

        • blaster1371

          I would be surprised if Wisconsin has produced more nfl lineman than OU over the last five years. I know they are known for their run game but that may be dictated significantly by lack of QB other than Wilson. Arkansas just seems a mess of a program.

          • connie usa

            I’m NOT saying that Arkie is the better program than OU (not even close). But, Do some research. Wisconsin has EIGHT OL in the NFL right now. They do produce more than OU does. Bielema is a great OL recruiter and he’ll do the same for Arkie. Here they are; Gabe Carimi, Travis Frederick, Peter Konz, John Moffitt, Joe Thomas, Kraig Urbik, Ricky Wagner, Kevin Zeitler

          • blaster1371

            I didn’t say you said Arkansas was a better program! OU has six linemen in the NFL, two of whom were very high first round picks. So the difference is not that notable.

  • CoachStauder

    Blake Bell to OT….

    I kid, I kid

  • Kelly Turner


  • Paul Warfield

    It has been obvious that Pruitt was going to Arky for a while now. People have just been selling hopes and dreams saying otherwise. The kid has been to Fayetville about a dozen times since May-June of this year.

    It is about time Bobby Stoops start earning all of the pay check by taking the lead of Urban Meyer and Nick Saban and get his butt involved in recruiting.

    He should have been handling offensive tackle recruitment in a big way knowing he had a new coach and that the program was in dire need of some real talent at the position.

    • JD

      What a brilliant idea for a coach to have to recruit, Stoops has been flying from coast to coast….Chewy, plug the professor into the hydro drive