ou-twitter-avatar1 Joe Mixon Note

We’ve been saying for a while that our sources have been telling us Joe is going to stay in California. Our information was coming from someone who has known Joe for a while and was insistent that he didn’t feel Joe would end up at Oklahoma.

But obviously once Cal was eliminated it definitely made think that Oklahoma might not be as improbable as my source seemed to think.

A few of you on here have suggested that perhaps Joe eliminated Cal as just part of his “creative” way of committing to Cal. I thought that was an interesting take for sure. I have no clue whether that’s the case.

I did ask Natrell Curtis who has been spending time with Joe at the Army All American game in Texas this week if he felt Oklahoma was going to get Joe Mixon and he responded by saying,

“I think so”.

So I don’t know what to think. Again, our source has been telling us no but Natrell seems to be saying there is a good chance. But now y’all have most of the information we have so what do y’all think?

  • JSam

    Seems like this would be a great addition and they have certainly been in on Joe forever. I’m still a big fan of what you all see in Michael Warren, though. Would be great to land him as well.

    • Super K

      Me too. I like Michael. He’s a great person as well. Exactly the kind of person you want on your team.

      • CoachStauder

        ACT scores just became available again, wonder if Michael improved?

        • Super K

          k I’ll check with him

  • Travis Tyra

    I have been cautiosly optimistic for a little while now, he sure seems like he is trying to be sly about things so im not going to get to excited till he commits. Good news is Starks is a good consilation prize


    Joe has made it clear that Cal is eliminated. No hat under the table thing.

    • Super K

      Yeah he did but I thought it was an interesting note. Definitely not something I’d put past him even if improbable.

    • Shelby is a Patriot

      That’s what he wants you to think… ;)

  • Josh

    I tweeted #boomer home of Joe Washington, Greg Pruitt, Billy Sims, Spencer Tillman, Adrian Peterson, Demarco Murray and Joe Mixon and he favorited it so obviously he is Norman bound. Ok not that scientific but I do think he loves the tradition and history of Oklahoma, he idolizes AD, and i think OU gas a real shot here.

    • CoachStauder

      How could you leave out Steve Owens!!!!!

      • Josh

        Didn’t know of Joe would know the great Mr. Owens

    • Indy_sooner

      He got a shout out from Murray. Definitely alot of steam there… Especially with how he’s become THE featureback at Dallas. You’d be hard pressed to find that in Wi. Other than Montee Ball, I don’t think they have our RB NFL consistency.
      That being said, I would be just as happy with landing Starks and Warren.

      • CoachStauder

        And Ball didn’t do much in Denver. Moreno was a 1000 yard back this year and Ball was in the doghouse for fumbling at times. OU definitely has a better track record with AD and Demarco in recent times.


    So is Curtis a silent commit?

    • JD

      OU Nation ‏@OUnation2h
      Army All American offensive guard
      Natrell Curtis says OU is the only one currently left in the race. Could be committing soon. #fb #Boomer

  • JD

    Reenforces my belief that Starks wants to be a sooner but his offer is on hold pending Joe’s decision. Joe is 1a and Starks is 1b. I believe Starks would be a 5star without the off the field stuff and still playing for Gorman

  • bmrsnr

    Are you guys going to do some write ups on how our guys are doing at the all-star games?

    • Super K

      Unfortunately none of us are at the games. Since this is our first year we are still learning about media credentials and stuff.

  • Sooner Ray

    I believe kids are coming when someone on staff has a signed piece of paper in their hand.

    • Super K

      I’m with you Ray. It feels like a crap shoot half with some of these kids.

    • pitbull17

      ^^This. They’re 18, they only change their mind about what they want to wear to school 36 times in the morning.

  • Brian Rector

    Per mixons tweets tonight they are hanging out together

  • godman

    Cool. So…you’re saying there’s a chance then, eh? : )

    • Super K

      Never gets old haha. My guess still isn’t OU but who knows.

      • Cary Newman

        You know I’ve been saying Mixon will go elsewhere and the “cap” ritual on Saturday means nothing. I’ll take Starks and/or Warren and go to the house.

  • Jesse Wall

    Hard to tell… Think the kid ends up at OU… If only because we are due for a 5 star…..

  • CoachStauder

    I still want to know the “secret” reason that OU can’t control…I’ve been intrigued from the beginning! haha

    • Super K

      I’ll tell you the reason in a polite way. To put it nicely I was told his relationship with the other coaches and how much he likes the other coaches exceeds his feelings towards our coach by a lot but our coaches obviously don’t know that. The words used by the person who told me we’re much stronger. But again that’s just what I was told.

      • Brian

        Joe said that he has the best relationship with the Wisconsin coaches but that Oklahoma was recruiting him the hardest.

        • Super K


      • CoachStauder

        I can’t say I’m shocked. Most of our coaches are sincere, straight forward, no-nonsense type guys. Not the new school, fun loving, trendy type guys. Joe seems like he would like the latter just from what I gather. Thanks for the info.

        • Super K

          Very straight forward and no nonsense. But they work hard. I love our coaches approach. I’ve got a post coming about how OU coaches recruited and are still recruiting Steven Parker.

          • CoachStauder

            Don’t get me wrong, the OU approach will sustain success much more likely than the alternative. I would say very few programs have been successful for long periods of time having coaches as I described in the latter part of my statement. Pete Carroll at USC is really the only one that comes to mind. The U did not have those types of coaches even if they were out of control teams. I also have a deep respect for Bob and OU’s staff. Very fortunate to have them at OU.

            Thoughts still positive on the Steven Parker front?

          • Super K

            I think so. I spoke to Steven’s daddy this evening for a couple hours (some of it was us just shooting the sh*t) so I’ll have an update soon.

        • Ed Cotter

          Joe should probably talk with AD, Murray and Clay about what kind of “guy” Coach Gundy is and how he works his guys. It might not be for everyone, but he sure does get guys ready to play for OU and the next level,.

  • Gary Jackson

    This is just second or third hand info but I did see on another board that OU is very likely to get both of these kids. Curtis said OU had been recruiting him the hardest and has de-committed from Washington. Mixon just needs the OK from him mom and he’s OU bound.I do think Mixon is coming on a trip in January with his Mom. Take it for what it’s worth.

  • DrBoomerSooner

    Tony Jefferson, Kenny Stills, and Brennan Clay have tweeted today to Joe trying to get him to continue the Cali pipeline. Gotta say that it sounds great that Joe was hanging out with Andrews (OU commit) and Curtis (claims that OU is leader) last night at the Army All American Bowl Week

    • Sooner_Ace

      Stills? trying to help….interesting…

  • Kyle

    As for California schools I’m more concerned he’ll do something cute and commit to USC. He said after Sark was hired he was interested again and kids are always looking to make their choice interesting to viewers (although they rarely are).

    • Cary Newman

      Don’t think so. Too many tailbacks on the current Trojan roster.

      • Super K

        I agree Cary.

  • CoachStauder

    Stills, Clay and Gerald McCoy all recruiting Joe on twitter…all hands on deck for this kid it sounds like. So when does AD fly out to San Antonio and wrap up this deal?

  • AlexOU

    Great clip for Mixon

    • Indy_sooner

      Damn. Makes it look effortless