sugar-bowl How Confident are you? Sugar Bowl Predictions

The Oklahoma Sooners will face an incredibly talented opponent tonight when they play the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl. Most people think Alabama will win and win soundly. Here are our thoughts:

JY – From 1 to 10 my confidence is at a 7. I think we will see our best game all year.  Too much coming out about the focus and edge these guys are going into it with.  In 2003, we were the best team of all time, and K State wore us out.  Anything can happen. I’m going to predict 24-21 good guys.

Ace - I think OU will cover the spread and will keep it a game until the 4th quarter where a couple late scores for Bama will seal the deal and Alabama ends with the win.

Yost – OU keeps it close in the first half but Alabama pulls away in the 3rd and the Tide end up winning the game 31-17.

Ryan Broyles – I believe Alabama has had great success over the years because they know what they need to do in order to succeed. On the flip side our Sooners have been trying to find their identity throughout the year. Both teams deserve to be in this game. It’s going to be a gut-it-out type game and as much I love my Sooners it’s tough to pick against the Tide.

Super K – Oklahoma is depleted and thin at almost every position. Alabama knows how to win and they’ve been doing it for a while. Oklahoma still hasn’t found consistency on offense. We don’t even know who the QB is going into the game. So everything seems to point to a resounding win for the Tide. But I’m picking the Sooners. I think Oklahoma somehow goes into the half with a lead and then fights their hearts out to hold onto that lead and in the end they win the game 17-14. Probably not rational but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

What say you Sooner fans?

  • Matt

    I say BOOMER SOONER! :)

  • Sooner_Ace

    Heart = Sooners by 3
    Head = Bama by 10

    In all seriousness if OUr team can get a ST score and the O is track from the jump (not three drives in) then OUr team has a legit shot, That being said, there have not many games this year when the O has been good from the start….


    • bjwalker82

      Heart = Sooners by anything
      Head = Bama by a ton

      We don’t have an edge anywhere. I don’t know enough about Bama’s special teams, but asking OU to play Beamer ball is asking a lot. It will take some ‘flukiness’ for us to pull it out. I just hope it doesn’t get ugly.

      I hope the guys rally around each other and fight for the 2010 Senior class. One of the best we’ve seen.

  • Michael Darling

    Love the Sooners, but Alabama is too strong across the board. 34-14, Bama but I’ll still be cheering for the good guys!

  • Gregor

    I still have a hard time figuring out how we will score on them. Even if we keep it in the 13-3 range at half, eventually the defense will get tired in the second half and it looks like a 30-6 type of finish.

    That said, I really want to see Mike dial up some sick scheme that keeps the heat coming from everywhere, keeps Yeldon from breaking free, we get some turnovers, and jump up 17-10 at half. They let us linger around to the fourth quarter within a couple of scores(27-17), we pull out some Sooner Magic and come away with a 37-34 Sooner victory!!

    • Gregor

      Oops. We scored slightly more than I thought we could

  • Leroy Jenkins

    No matter what happens tonight, the fact that OU is playing the best team in the nation, in the Sugar Bowl, after all the injuries/suspensions they’ve had this season, is remarkable. It’s a success that we’ve made it this far and I’m glad OU is on the national stage again.

    That being said, OU will keep it close in the 1st, fall behind by 10 in the 2nd, and in the second half will have a couple turnovers by making risky throws & fumbling while trying to extend plays. I don’t think it will be that close in the end. Too much McCarron throwing and play action, we’re too thin on the d-line so they’ll keep getting 7-10 yards rushing. This is just a really tough matchup for us.

  • Billy Jackson

    Change is in the air in Norman, Oklahoma. This team has shown guts and the ability to pull themselves off the floor after a demoralizing defeat. I’ve never seen a group of undersized, inexperienced guys fight their butts off like this. The coaches and players are (to borrow from Sgt. Hartman) born again hard and are playing with pride only a Sooner can understand. It’s a new era for OU, and the momentum in recruiting is once again on an upward trend. Good things are coming for OU.

    That being said, Bama is all about taking care of business, and you won’t see a team that enjoyed their prep. week by playing Keno and thinking the game will be over half-way through the first quarter. Whether OU gets a National Title Game appearance kind of focus, or not, the Sooners have the Tide’s attention. Saban and Stoops are too close for Nick to have not prepared his team for this game. And, while anything can happen in a bowl game, the talent disparity and depth gives Alabama a huge edge.

    Despite our depth on defense, the defense is not what concerns me. Without a true offensive identity, Mike’s crew could quickly become worn down and demoralized if the offense can’t generate anything and give Bama something they have to respect, rather than Teeing off on the quarterback. The receivers are going to have to play lights out and find ways to get open, too. Speed is the great equalizer, and OU has plenty of it. It’s time to use it like never before.

    This game just feels more important to the guys than the Baylor game did. My mom, living in Louisiana, said there will be a lot of LSU fans going to the game and cheering on the Sooners. Their disdain for Nick Saban is greater than their love for the SEC. So, there won’t be any stupid hip hop blasting, and Thank You Jesus, this is an old-school match-ups with zero gold or all black unis and just lots of Crimson and blood, guts and sweat.

    I think these players know how important this game is for Stoops, for OU and for their last chance at leaving a legacy behind for what was once a promising recruiting class that hasn’t always produced the results we all expected and hoped for.

    So……….The Sooners play hard, and leave it all out on the field. But Bob, once again, gets another BCS defeat on his resume that people with no understanding of the quality of opponents Stoops’ Sooners have played as opposed to anyone else in our league or the country.

    But to us Sooner fans, it’s a close game that ultimately falls short due to lack of depth and experience at the QB position.

    Alabama: 35

    OU: 24

    • soonerinks

      Billy, very good post and think your analysis is right on except for the score. The best team is not going to win this one, Sooner heart is going to win the day.

      • Billy Jackson

        I would love for you to be right, and I’ve got a feeling Oklahoma pride is going to go toe to toe with Bama tonight.

  • Swanny

    Hard to say it,
    1st Q- Bama 7- Good guys-0
    2nd Q- Bama 17- Good guys-7
    3rd Q- Bama 27- Good guys- 14
    4th Q- Bama 34- Good guys 14
    I think our D holds their own, but our O has a hard time moving the ball. This leads to some easy scores due to good field position for Bama late in the quarters.

  • SoonerfanTU

    While quite a bit probably has to go right for OU to win this game, it certainly isn’t impossible. We still just have so many injuries, it’s hard to see our lines standing up to Bama’s for four quarters.

    My heart wants to believe OU will show up, play their hearts out, and make just enough plays to win a close one.

    My head (and maybe a little of my heart) thinks Bama will pull away in the 2nd half, and win by 13-17 points.

  • Ed Cotter

    On the NewsOK Sugar Bowl predictions article I posted 34-28 for OU. Special Teams score and Alabama having trouble with the zone read attribute to this. This is what I HOPE happens, but Bama probably wins by AT LEAST 7-10 points. Would love to see OU win on the first game winning field goal in the Bob Stoops era, ala the Von Schamman boot in 1977 vs. Ohio State. Wouldn’t it be poetic if Alabama lost on the final play…..again. Strange but true, Bob Stoops has never won a game on a field goal as time expires. If I am wrong, please let me know by citing the team OU beat and year. Don’t think it has happened.

  • Sooner Ray

    No idea what the score will be, no idea.I’m just happy for this team to even be in the game. If Sooner Magic is going to happen, what better place than NOLA!

  • L’carpetron Dookmarriot

    I don’t like gumps, but those gumps can sure play football.

    Like most Bama wins, I think it will happen like this: they will act like a boa constrictor and score a couple early, then slowly take the life out of OU one quarter at a time. When Bama gets up by 14 Saban will run the ball, run the ball, run the ball, run the ball, run the ball, run the ball, run the ball, run the ball…

    After watching several Bama games this year it’s their LBs that worry me. They’ll be everywhere and make a lot of tackles. We won’t have much success running on them between the tackles, but, maybe, we can trick ‘em a little and get a few first downs. Screens, draws, counters (maybe), and inverted veer might work.

    My pessimism is pretty high right now. I want a good showing, at least make Bama work for their win; be physical; be nasty; make a few big plays; punch back; make everyone see that OU may not be as good as Bama, but the aren’t laying down for anyone.

    Score prediction: 41-21.

  • leatherneck1061

    I know we all hate talk of moral victories, but I’m almost of the opinion that that’s all we may be able to attain here. No matter which way one looks at this, OU is simply outmatched. These last couple of weeks have been very frustrating for me, partly because I don’t think we should be in this game and partly because of the seeming decline in this football program. Some will point to Bama’s 2008 showing in the Sugar bowl, but there is not one player from that team that will be playing tonight. Moreover, the tide have undoubtedly heard about that debacle repeatedly since this game was announced. Nick Saban will not allow that to happen again.

    Prediction: The Sooners will come in with a head full of steam and fight it out with everything they have. If they make costly mistakes, i.e. turnovers, the game will likely get out of hand very quickly. If they play smart mistake-free football, they can keep it competitive at least for a while. Eventually, Bama will pull away as they prove physically to be just too much for the Sooners to handle.

    I hope like hell I’m wrong.

  • Pokerman

    I could be a lot more optimistic if we hadn’t lost so many key players this year. It may get ugly tonight but our program is headed upward.

  • Jive Turkey

    First post here, I saw that my home boy Jordan moved here and really like this blog so far. Anyway, back on topic.
    I hope we put up a good fight and surprise them, have our read option and or switching QBs confuses them or puts them out of place so we can seize some quality opportunities, have our speedy defense throw AJ off with some pressure he’s not used to since they haven’t had to wash his jersey all year. Then the realistic side kicks in and I think we’ll lose 31-17. Can’t complain though, some may not look at it like this but as long as we don’t get beat like 56-3 it’s a win win..for once.
    Great to be here, keep up in the good work!

    • Jordan Esco


    • Sooner Ray

      Good to have you in here Jive T!

  • Shifty

    If Knight brings his game (decision/running/passing) and the D holds up then I like our chances. Bama gives up points to the ZR

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    I just can’t get myself to ever assume Oklahoma won’t win. Call me unreasonable or a homer, I don’t care. I just can’t.

    • soonerinks

      Shelby, I know the feeling.

      • Shelby is a Patriot

        Yup. I always believe in my Sooners; It’s worth the heartbreak, I think.

        • soonerinks

          Definitely, went to OU in 73/74 and have seen my share of Sooner Magic and have had my heart broken many times but I do love my Sooners come rain or shine!

    • Sooner Ray

      Keep your Sooner glasses on Shelby!

      • Shelby is a Patriot

        Never take them off. lol

    • soonerthunder

      Good for you. I think OU has a great chance if TK plays QB.

      • Shelby is a Patriot

        And you were right. Trevor was awesome.

  • Jared Tyra

    This is definitely one of the better games of the bowl season, especially in terms of tradition. From all the interviews and articles, it would sound as though Stoops has the guys as focused as any team has been since… FSU in 2000. I wholeheartedly believe we punch Bama in the mouth and jump up on them, but they’re too deep and physical to not rally and squeak one out on us. Still, OU will show the college football world full of doubters that they’re about to tear through their future opposition in a manner most unpleasant to ESPN (hehe).

  • soonerinks

    I just can’t say that I expect OU to lose (I do, but I can’t say it). I think the OL is the key for us, if we can’t run the ball it is going to be a long night and running between the tackles is going to be very difficult (if it weren’t for the injuries I would be more confidant). Our OL was really coming together and against KSU they were great. Trevor is going to have to have a really great night and our WR’s will have to play their best game of the year. What a game for a TE to show up. Our DL and LB’ers must play their best game of the year and Sanchez can’t have any breakdowns. So much for reason, the Good Guys 24 – Ala 21

  • connie usa

    I’m as big an OU fan as anyone, BUT I’m also a realist. I’ll go with 42-14 Bama. I think the loss of Phillips and Nelson is too much to overcome. Bama’s OL is really big and I think they run right thru the D. I think OUs defense is built for the offenses that the Big12 runs, and not for an SEC ground and pound. I HOPE I’m WRONG!!!

  • Indy_sooner

    The defense will keep it lower that we think but I also think our offense finds its mojo with dual QBs. 28-25 Good guys

  • 38Special

    Bob Stoops is 29-5 vs schools who are currently in the BCS Top 10. While those numbers mean absolutely nothing in this game, neither does OU’s record in BCS games or Bob’s comments about the SEC. Underdogs win bowl games all the time. In a no lose situation, OU claws their way to a victory, 26-20.


    I believe the steady decline in recruiting levels has caught up to us. I hate to think this way but my beloved Sooners get curb-stomped by AlaBAMA. ugh I’d love to wrong about it but Saban has a machine.

    • Big Higg

      Did you even watch this season? Big defensive turnaround. New coaches are going after some quality recruits in their first year. Stoops may have coached his best season considering injuries to our stars and having to play a lot of youngsters. There’s a lot to look forward to. Ridiculous comment. We were one qb away from a stellar season.

      • Big Higg

        Sorry that reply was to LindsayTS

  • LindsayTS

    Good luck to the Sooners! But, when will OU realize that changes have to be made? Everyone blamed the problems on Brent Venables, well he’s gone, Mikes here, & I think that shows that Brent was NOT the problem. Mike only made things worse. Brent was great at recruiting, now we can’t get any top guys.Stoops has to make some changes, or its high time Bob is the one to go.

    • JJsooner1

      Where did that come from???

      • Big Higg

        Ha I’m dumbfounded by this comment

    • Sooner Ray

      All I can say is what?……WHAT?

    • Indy_sooner

      Even before the bowl , this comment deserved a big wtflol

  • soonermusic

    It’s possible that we’re gonna find out that ‘bama is so much bigger and stronger that we get crushed inside, and so fast that we can’t get to the edge. But I don’t think it’s likely. Confidence level 9 out of 10.

    Knight is the wild card. If his shoulder is ok, I think he’ll show everyone that he’s a much more accurate passer than most have thought. His ability to make things happen on 2nd and 3rd and long will open up more options on 1st down. I am concerned that with all the prep time, ‘bama will have a few tricky defensive looks designed to sucker our qb into throwing an interception, but if we can weather a couple of unfortunate reads at some point, our offense could end up giving ‘bama’s d fits.

    The single most critical factor for the defense is no three and outs for the offense. They need to be at full speed and max energy the whole game. If so, they’ll be able to make some big plays.

    If it’s close we have a big edge with Hunnicut.

    I like JY”s prediction of 24-21 OU. It might be 28-21 or 34-28, but OU will win by 3 to 7 points.

    Boomer Sooner!

  • JJsooner1

    I agree that things don’t look so good for our Sooners tonight. However, this is why they play the game. I feel like we need a few breaks or great special teams plays to keep this close and have a chance to pull off the upset. Look what happened to Baylor as 17 point favs. Texas Tech anyone? Defensively, Sanchez can’t spend the night getting turned around and the LB’s have to have discipline. Offensively, I like our O-Line and Jalen Saunders will be a huge key. If Clay can go off for a buck, that’s huge. I’m curious if Keith Ford will get some reps with as strong as he runs(just gotta secure the ball). My heart says OU by 3 on a special teams play late. My head says Bama wins but OU covers. If OU can keep the O/U at 41, they win. If not, Bama rolls.

  • Jordan Esco
  • Leroy Jenkins

    Something to think about:

    TTU- 17 point underdog (won)

    UCF- 17 point underdog (won)

    OU- is a 17 point dog (TBD)

  • red clay

    I, too, wear Sooner goggles for every game, no matter what.
    AL is blue chip . . . might as well play the best in order to get better.
    I say our team has another “find a way” win.
    OU – 31
    AL – 28

  • soonerthunder

    I would pick Ala to win, but definitely think OU can win if we have TK at QB and c/figure out the OL.

    Ala played a weak schedule, and only 4 games away. 1 doesn’t count (UK–won 2 games: Alabama St and Miami, OH). Struggled with the other 3: A&M (won by 7; A&M 628 yds, 42 pts), Miss. St (won by 13 pts; scored last 10 pts w/little over quarter to go in game; Miss. St. 6 season wins n/one being a good team: Alcorn St, Troy, Bolwing Green by 1, mighty 2-win UK by 6, mighty 3 win Arkansas, Samford, LA-Laf, So. Miss. in OT); and Auburn.

    And oh yeah, Ala played LSU at home, and none of the other teams were any good: VaTech, Colo. St, Miss., Georgia St, Ark, Tenn.

    Yes, OU c/definitely win.

  • godman

    28 – 27 OU! Special teams scores a couple of times. Defense plays outstanding with only a couple of busts leading to scores by Bama. Go sooner dogs! As in under dogs? They’ll be singing, “Who let the dogs out”. LOL

  • JJsooner1

    I saw where Amari Cooper said that OU has no one who can cover him. I think Aaron Colvin may have a word about that.

  • Drew Warner

    My roommate is from Birmingham. I have watched every Alabama game for three years. This Alabama team isn’t what they once were. I’ve been telling him all year they were not a championship team. They have weaknesses. The O-line has been inconsistent, the receivers outside of Amari Cooper are sub par, their D-Line isn’t what it has been in recent years, and their secondary is shaky. They’ve struggled until the late third quarter the majority of the year and have played a very weak schedule, outside of Auburn, to whom they lost. They can be beat. This OU team has the heart of a lion. We will show up and punch them in the face and win a slugfest. Boomer Sooner!