Dwayne Dwayne Orso Down in NOLA

So I wanted to let y’all know that Dwayne is down in New Orleans with his mama visiting  for the Sugar Bowl. The title picture is actually a pic from today of Dwayne and is mother in NOLA.

What I want y’all to understand is Dwayne is a legit 6’5. When I say 6’5…I mean he is 6’5 without any shoes on! Does he look 6’5 standing next to his mama? No he doesn’t. Because what people don’t know is that Dwayne’s mama is actually 6’0+ herself. Dwayne is still a baby. There is no telling just how big he will be once he finishes growing and filling out and developing his “man strength”. He’s already a load to deal with. This is one of the reasons we we’re so high on Dwayne early on and why I spent at least two posts writing about Dwayne when we began recruiting him.

Also, let me add that I’ve seen private practice videos of Dwayne running shuttle and racing smaller players on his team and he can move for a big guy!

NOTE: We’re not stalking Dwayne’s Instagram account or anything to get these pics. We’re close to the Homewood folks.

  • Super K

    Also, Jordan Sims is not down there with Dwayne – but they are buddies. Not sure yet if Jordan is going to head down closer to game day.

    • Donna Terrell Bartle

      I believe, but I could be mistaken, that Jordan is with the Homewood H.S. band in Pasadena for the Rose Parade. #patriotband #worldsgreatestdrumline

      • Donna Terrell Bartle

        Nevermind. He did not go to Pasadena.

    • bmrsnr

      Reported at another site that he is picking up interest with us. Kid measured in today at 6’2 371 and didn’t look too bad.

      • Super K

        Yeah he has been thinking about visiting but nothing confirmed yet

  • JD

    Super, are they recruiting him for 4i/5 DE or waiting to see how much weight he adds to become a Phillips type NT? IMO he could prob excel at both spots much like Phillips could

    • Super K

      He was recruited by Coach Montgomery as a B gap player. They have a general archetype, if you will, that they want for each spot but that’s not necessarily firm (NG is 6’2-6’4). At the end of the day the player is going to play where they are effective and where they naturally develop. I know Dwayne doesn’t want to grow into a nose intentionally but he could end up being a massive human being – when a kid is 6’5 (6’6 in the morning) and looks small next to his mama and has a baby face then there’s no telling how big he’s going to naturally be.

      • CoachStauder

        Yeah, I noticed that his moma was TALL! Kid is going to be humongous.

        • Super K

          Indeed. Can’t wait to see how he develops!

      • Daryl

        Super K, I love this kid and his potential. Seems a lot like a Tapper type guy. I agree that we need to look for players with good upside no doubt but what guys are guys you think are ready to play now that are coming in or may be coming in.

  • Guest from Nola

    Dwayne is actually from New Orleans. His family relocated to Alabama after Hurricane Katrina. He is there visiting family during the holiday break. So he came down from Alabama and got a chance to visit both his family as well as cheer on his soon to be Oklahoma family.

    • Super K

      thanks for adding that. I actually meant to mention that :) In fact it’s one of the reasons I’m excited about Dwayne. Big fan of those Louisiana DLinemen! They can get after it.

  • Nola504

    His mother was a good athlete herself. Actually is runs in the family. The Wallace Clan did nice things in New Orleans. I’m so so proud of my old friend on raising such a humble young man.

    • Super K

      Thanks for the inside info Nola!