ou-twitter-avatar1 2014 Louisiana DT, Courtney Garnett, to Visit OU

Good news Sooner fans! Texas DT commit Courtney Garnett will be making his first visit to Oklahoma on January 17th. He let me know that he and Coach Montgomery have a good relationship. Sounds like Coach Montgomery has been recruiting him for quite some time. Garnett hails from St. Augustine HS in New Orleans – a high school known for putting out incredible talent.

I’ve checked around and it sounds like Oklahoma is looking at Garnett as a 4i DEnd which only further confirms that OU really is looking to beef up the front three.

Courtney seems generally excited to be visiting OU. I don’t know how good OU’s chances are but, again, this will be his first visit to Norman and he made it pretty clear that he likes Coach Montgomery.

I’ll be honest I wasn’t certain about Garnett’s talent when I saw his jr. film last year. But his senior film is excellent! Everyone has that thing they like to look for first in every position. Most important thing to me is the initial burst. Garnett has a great first step and he closes well. Uses his hands surprisingly well but when you play big time football in New Orleans you better use everything because you’re playing against top flight linemen all the time. Garnett seemed a little timid when I saw him last year but he is actually one of the more violent DTs I’ve been this year. Playing in our scheme and in the Big 12 I think he’s a great fit as a B gap player. He’s got the explosiveness to come across the OLs face, the size and strength to sustain the gap, flexibility to split it, and open field speed and tracking to deal with mobile QBs.

We told y’all earlier that it appeared Oklahoma was finished on the DL. However with a guy like a Garnett you have to take him if it becomes a possibility. Building a pipeline to New Orleans is very difficult because there are a lot of, for lack of a better word, “political” issues. So Garnett not only gives you a great player at a critical position but he also gives you an “in” at one of the premier football schools in one of the premier football cities in the country.

January 17th is starting look like a big recruiting weekend. They’ll need it to close out 2014 strong.

  • bmrsnr

    Hopefully he brings teammate, Jermaine Roberts, with him.

    • Super K

      I was hoping the same thing. I haven’t watched Jermaine in a while but I believe he was the young man I felt had some of the best recovery speed in the country. I asked Courtney if Jermaine was coming and he said “probably not”. But “probably not” isn’t the same as “no” so…”you’re saying there’s a chance” came to mind ;)

  • Leroy Jenkins

    I remember y’all saying Deondre Clark may be considering OU to stay closer to home. Does this mean both Clark and Garnett are considering OU? I know they have different situations (i.e., Clark staying closer to home). And besides Garnett, who else do you see coming on Jan 17th?

    And man, can you imagine if OU beats Bama? That recruiting visit could be HUGE if we could pull some great momentum from the Sugar Bowl. Thanks again for your hard work and enjoy Christmas with your family and friends.

    • Brian

      Both Clark and Garnett are considering OU…They’re going to be playing two different positions with Clark being more of an OLB.

    • Super K

      LEROYYYYY JJJJJJENKINS!!!!!!!!! Best username bro! And thanks for being part of our little family here bro! 17th theres a few kids coming but I’ll have to go back and put a list together :)

      • Leroy Jenkins

        “Alright thumbs up let’s do this…LEERRRROOOOYYY JJJJJENKINS!!!!” Droppin’ the comment on here for the first time this morning, thanks for this site. I’d try to pull a “Leroy” on Rivals or 247…but they’re not free. This is way better anyways, y’all are awesome.

        • Super K

          Appreciate bro. That is one of the funniest videos online. Freakin love it!

  • Indy_sooner

    LOVE that we are getting these kids to visit! Just like Bo’s visit.
    Long shot or not, this indicates a respect for OU’s appeal as an elite institution and it cannot hurt to have them come over. It’s starting to feel that the top 15 defensive performance is helping …alot.

    BTW this dude is committed to UT so who knows how things pan out, with Mack’s firing and all.

  • L’carpetron Dookmarriot

    Bodyslamming RBs. Technically, that’s not illegal.

    • Super K

      I loved it

  • Ed Cotter

    Good news that Garnett wants to come visit Norman. Hopefully Coach Mont can show him how he will fit in with the Sooners, and he’ll want to come join the Good Guys.

  • http://www.TheFootballBrainiacs.com/ JY

    What I really like about Courtney’s game is how well he holds the point. Watching his film, I couldn’t find a play where he got moved off of the line of scrimmage. That’s huge in a three man front. Garnett would be a big steal if we could pull it off.

    • Super K

      No doubt J! And there are some grown ass men on the lines that he’s playing against down there. Looks like a college players

      • pitbull17

        They eat well in the south! I’d love for texass to whiff on their new hire and for OU to be able to flip this kid.

      • http://www.TheFootballBrainiacs.com/ JY

        You got that right.

    • Cary Newman

      I was told today that Courtney may have some academic issues.

      • http://www.TheFootballBrainiacs.com/ JY

        hope not

        • Cary Newman

          Me too, but this comes from my closest Texas source of 24 years. Told me today even if UT lands him, they expect him going JUCO first.

          • Super K

            Thanks for the update Cary! I can’t confirm one way or another but I’ll work on getting to the bottom of it. OU doesn’t want to mess with guys they don’t think can qualify (or at least don’t have a decent chance) right now so it would surprise me but I’ll check.

          • Cary Newman

            When I asked my source today about Courtney, he had no knowledge of him making a possible visit to OU, so he believes the information concerning grades to be accurate.

          • Super K

            Talked to Courtney and he gave me all the info. It’ll be close but he can definitely make it in. And he’s clearly working hard. Had a great gpa last semester. I definitely wouldn’t count him out. That’s all we’re going to say about it now out of respect for Courtney.

          • Cary Newman

            That is great news. I want all these kids to make it in, no matter who they sign with.

          • Super K

            well it’s great news that he’s working at it but it’s definitely not a “done deal”. But if he keeps pushing he can get it. We’ll see what happens. And I agree…want all the kids to make it in. Classy post Cary!

          • hOUligan

            Love that OU is looking at going to bigger DEs and recruiting Courtney there. A bit OT but speaking of juco, anyone hear anything about Kerrick Huggins progress and whether he is expected to make it to OU?